Best Trips from TOKYO

We will show you the trips to undiscovered places from Tokyo.

Japan has over 3000 onsen hot springs. A trip easily made from Tokyo to an onsen resort will enrich your trip with local sightseeing and invigorating hot baths.

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With just another hop, skip, and jump, you can enjoy historical townscapes, exquisitely colored nature, and onsen where you can truly relax. Here, we recommend sightseeing spots, seasonal tours, and much more to help you fully enjoy a variety of short trips from Tokyo. The sightseeing tours can also be purchased from this site.


In just a few hours from Tokyo, one can reach historic buildings such as the shrines in Nikko and the Tomioka Silk Mill, and ancient townscapes such as Kawagoe, Ouchi-juku, and Aizuwakamatsu with its popular Tsuruga castle. History is alive in Tokyo as well, with the famous Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and Meiji Jingu Shrine, and the intricate gardens from the Edo Period.



In Nikko there are charming natural sites such as Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls, as well as historical heritage, but there is plenty more to see in the prefectures near Tokyo. Explore the abundantly expressive nature such as the highland resorts of Kamikochi and Kiyosato, or the valleys and cable car routes that shine most magnificently with the red leaves of Autumn.



There are over 3000 onsen to be enjoyed in Japan.Kusatsu Onsen has been chosen by travel professionals as number 1 in "Japan's top 100 Onsen" for 14 consecutive years. There are many other popular onsen resorts where one can enjoy nearby activities, as well as natural beauty of the valleys. Some examples are Shiobara, Kinugawa, and Minakami.


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