Take a trip to the historical spots of Tokyo and nearby prefectures that leave the appearance of the buildings and townscapes of old unchanged. Feel as if you have slipped back in time to the Japan of hundreds of years ago.

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  • Nikko Toshogu Shirine

    Nikko Toshogu Shirine

    In a silent forest, national treasures tell of Japan's glorious past

  • Asakusa


    Old downtown Tokyo area where you can experience traditional culture

  • National Museum of Western Art

    National Museum of Western Art

    Go to Admire the Artwork and the Building Itself

  • Tomioka Silk Mill

    Tomioka Silk Mill

    Come See the Birthplace of Modern Japanese Silk-making at Tomioka

  • Saifukuji Temple

    Saifukuji Temple

    A Buddhist temple in Uonuma with wonderful sculptures

  • Takato Castle Site

    Takato Castle Site

    Charming castle that remains perched on a hill in a picturesque park

  • Lockheart Castle

    Lockheart Castle

    A theme park where an old castle was relocated from Europe brick by brick

  • Nikko Edomura

    Nikko Edomura

    A ninja and samurai theme park for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Tsuruga Castle

    Tsuruga Castle

    A Trip to one of the greatest Castles in East Japan

  • Ouchijuku


    Traveling through time without a time machine

  • kawagoe ichibangai

    kawagoe ichibangai

    Take a Trip Back to the Ancient Edo Period at Kawagoe

  • Aizu Bukeyashiki - Samurai Residence

    Aizu Bukeyashiki - Samurai Residence

    A Museum in Aizu where you can experience history

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