Japan has over 3000 onsen hot springs. A trip easily made from Tokyo to an onsen resort will enrich your trip with local sightseeing and invigorating hot baths.

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  • Kusatsu Onsen

    Kusatsu Onsen

    Enjoy this quaint onsen town set in beautiful nature

  • Kinugawa Onsen

    Kinugawa Onsen

    The perfect getaway for lovers of history, architecture, and nature

  • Hirugami Onsen/Star Village Achi

    Hirugami Onsen/Star Village Achi

    View the heavens from Nagano on this delightful night tour

  • Naeba Ski Resort/Naeba Onsen

    Naeba Ski Resort/Naeba Onsen

    Ski at a world class resort under 200km from Tokyo. Just as you like it, whether skiing or relaxing in the hot springs.

  • Shiobara Onsen

    Shiobara Onsen

    An Onsen Village Easily Accessible from Tokyo

  • Yugawara Onsen

    Yugawara Onsen

    Celebrate the special water with locals in Kanagawa

  • Yuzawa Town/Yuzawa Onsen

    Yuzawa Town/Yuzawa Onsen

    Getaway to ski resorts, just 75 minutes from Tokyo

  • Minakami 18 Onsen Areas

    Minakami 18 Onsen Areas

    Enjoy this quaint onsen town set in beautiful nature

  • Mt. Bandai/Ura-bandai Onsen/Bandai Onsen

    Mt. Bandai/Ura-bandai Onsen/Bandai Onsen

    Meditative hikes and exquisite scenery at the “Fuji” of Aizu

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